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The Carlight warranty terms & conditions

100% service guaranteed Our aim to 100% customer satisfaction is clearly reflected in our warranty conditions.

Carlight gives their customers two years warranty on all parts of the conversion kit except the bulbs. Carlight gives six months warranty on these.

How does it work?

If for any reason an item of in your conversion kit is defective, please contact us.
Your purchase details have been logged in our system. These details are the basis for your warranty. It is not necessary for you to keep receipts or warranty documents.

When you send us the defective part we will send you a replacement by return of post. Can't be simpler!

The warranty is invalid if:

  • The defective part is fractured (in particular broken glass of bulb)
  • The defect has been caused by fire or exposure to extreme high temperatures
  • The defect has been caused by a strong mechanical impact (collision or fall)