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Convertor BMW E39
€ 15,00

This convertorset you need with BMW E39

Convertor BMW E46
€ 15,00

This conversion kit you need with BMW E46

Convertor BMW E60
€ 10,00

This conversion kit you need with BMW E60

Convertor Volkswagen
€ 12,00 This convertor you need with Volkswagen Jetta/Golf
D2 conversion cable
€ 15,00 This extension cable allows you to replace the original factory ballast by a Carlight Ballast. De connector fits on the existing D2s and D2R lamps.
H4 Bi-Xenon extension cable
€ 19,00 This cable is used in conjunciont with the H4 relaisset
H4 Diode
€ 10,00 This special diode enables the H4 Bi-Xenon light to switch form Main beam to High beam.
High Voltage Cable Extension
€ 15,00 This kit is designed to extend the High Voltage cables of the Xenon bulb if there is no space for the ballast close to the bulb. This can be the case at your Motorbike. No special tools needed. Waterproof.
One kit per bulb required.
LED lamp
€ 19,00

Nice white license plate lights. But also suitable to illuminate the interior of you car. With 8 LED's per lamp very bright light output.

LED Parking lights
€ 8,00 LED replacement for the citylights. Extremly long lifespan and the same color as your Xenon bulbs. 6000K
Power LED parking lights
€ 29,00 These LED parkinglights have an extremly high light output.
Rubber seal
€ 5,00

Rubber cover to close the housing of the lightunit after placement of H4 Bi-Xenon Bulb. Diameter 2 inch


Supply Cables
€ 19,00 Most HID manufactures use these cables to supply 12 Volts to the ballasts. Connectors are waterproof.
€ 20,00

Resistor kit 22 Ohm, 10 Watt